Episode 47~ Airs 4/6/2021
Grab your tea and get comfy in your favorite spot to spill the tea on sexual assault and the intersection with domestic violence. SSFS Community Educator, Angela Davis and Megan from YWCA Metropolitan Chicago will be discussing this important topic to kick off Sexual Assault Awareness Month. You won’t want to miss this on Tuesday at 2pm!
Episode 46~ Aired 3/30/2021
Traiga su té y sintonice este martes 30 de marzo a las 2pm mientras profundizamos en algunos de los obstáculos para obtener servicios de violencia doméstica. Cubraremos algunos temores y malentendidos con respecto a los servicios de violencia doméstica. Conozca en qué se diferencian nuestros servicios de asesoramiento.
Grab your tea and join us this Tuesday, March 30th at 3pm as we dig deep into some of the obstacles to seeking domestic violence services. Let us address some of those fears and misunderstandings regarding domestic violence services. Learn about how our services differ from traditional counseling and who can benefit.
Episode 45~ Aired 3/23/2021
¿Conoce a alguien que esté o haya estado en una relación abusiva? Sintonice el martes 23 de marzo a las 2 pm para saber cómo podemos ayudar. ¡No olvide su té! ¡Este será un episodio de dos partes! Escuche mientras nuestra propia consejera bilingüe explica quién puede beneficiar de los servicios de consejería en SSFS y cuál es el proceso para buscar y obtener servicios. Prepárese para la parte 2 el próximo martes 30 de marzo, donde profundizaremos un poco más mientras discutimos algunos de los obstáculos para buscar servicios de violencia doméstica.

Do you know someone who is or has been in an abusive relationship? Tune in Tuesday March 23rd at 2pm to learn how we can help. Don’t forget your tea! This will be a two-part episode! Listen as our very own bilingual victim’s counselor explains who can benefit from counseling services at SSFS and what the process is for seeking and getting services. Get ready for part 2 the following Tuesday, March 30th where we will dig just a litter deeper as we discuss some of the obstacles to seeking DV services.
Episode 44~ Airs 3/16/2021
Families who experience domestic violence are often also victims of poverty. It’s not as simple as poverty breeds violence. Individuals from all economic circumstances experience violence.
Extreme poverty is a form of structural violence, and as all human rights are related and intertwined, so are the different manifestations of violence that we experience.
Tune in Tuesday at 2pm as Angela and Rebecca discuss the intersection between poverty and domestic violence.
Episode 43~ Aired 3/9/2021

Tune in Tuesday at 2pm for our next “What’s the Tea?” episode! Community Resource Specialist, LaSandra Hutchinson, will sit down for an amazing discussion with our Executive Director, Jennifer Gabrenya in honor of Women’s History Month! Remember to grab your favorite tea and to share the video!

Episode 42~ Aired 3/2/2021
Tune in Tuesday at 2pm for a LIVE episode of What’s The Tea with the Community Education Team.
They will reflect on the lessons learned as they approach one year of remote work due to the pandemic and celebrate the 40th Tea episode. Don’t miss the discussion on new insights they will carry into their advocacy/education work as well as the many ways their roles in the agency have changed who they are as individuals.
Episode 41~ Aired 2/23/2021

The school to prison pipeline is an alarming national trend where children are funneled out of the public schools into the juvenile and criminal justice system.

Join us on Tuesday at 2 pm for a conversation about how restorative justice can disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline and create a positive learning environment for all students. Be sure to bring your tea because we will be live!

Episode 40~ Aired 2/16/2021
Are boys and young men being cut off from their emotions?
Let’s sip and spill the tea on masculine norms in today’s society. Tune in Tuesday at 2pm for a live episode with our Executive Director, Jennifer Gabrenya as we dive deep into the topics of boys, sex, and “being a man”.
Episode 39~ Aired 2/9/2021
For many students, the concept of consent can still be a little abstract. It’s a complex topic, but as today’s culture continues to emphasize the importance of consent, it’s increasingly necessary that we are teaching teens about consent so that they really understand what it means.
Tune in Tuesday at 2pm as Angela, SSFS Community Educator, and Dr. Jones, Founder and Executive Director of NuVision Princess of IL, spills the tea on consent.
Episode 38~ Aired 2/2/2021

Did you know that February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month? Join us for a LIVE What’s the Tea episode at 2 pm on Tuesday to hear our community educators kick off the month with a discussion about teen dating and safety. Know your rights and know your worth! We hope to see you there!

Episode 37~ Aired 1/26/2021
Tune in Tuesday at 2pm for our next “What’s the Tea?” episode! Our Community Resource Specialist, LaSandra Hutchinson, will be interviewing one of our community partners, Carissa Brown from Options for Youth. This interview will highlight the vital role of outreach and community partnership in implementing client-centered services.
Remember to grab your favorite tea and to share the video!
Episode 36~ Aired 1/19/2021
“An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly.” Tune in Tuesday January 19th as Jennifer and our staff speak on the topic of increasing our own well-being through self-care behaviors. Remember: same day, same time, different tea!
Episode 35~ Aired 1/12/2021
Social-emotional learning for students is critical during a pandemic. Join us live on Tuesday January 12th at 2pm as our community educators discuss the social/emotional impacts on students during a pandemic and ideas on how their social-emotional needs can be addressed. Your own personal thoughts and insights are more than welcome and encouraged!
Episode 34~ Aired 1/5/2021
It’s a new year with new tea! Join us today at 2pm for a live discussion with Kerry and Zach about the overlap between domestic violence and substance use. Bring your favorite tea and find out what is a myth and what is a fact!
Episode 33~ Aired 12/29/2020
Episode 32~ Aired 12/22/2020
Join us on Tuesday, December 22nd at 2 pm for another episode of What’s the Tea? as we take an inside look into the fast-paced world of court advocacy! One of our court advocates, Jocelyn James will join as and shed light on a day in the life of our court advocates. Remember to share the episode and to grab your favorite tea!
Join us and be sure to invite someone as Alberta and LaSandra will shed light on these various kinds of grief and will offer practical approaches for handling the grief process. You don’t want to miss this episode!
Episode 31~ Aired 12/15/2020
At our agency, we like to say she has seen “both sides of the same coin”! She has experience in two of our major departments, Transitional Housing and Partner Abuse Intervention (PAIP).
Join Angela on Tuesday, December 15th at 2pm, as she spills the tea with Jodine. Jodine is our PAIP Assistant and group Facilitator, formally in a role with Sanctuary. You won’t want to miss this!
Episode 30~ Aired 12/8/2020
Grab your favorite tea and join us on Tuesday at 2pm. One of our adult counselors, Alberta Powell and our community outreach specialist, who has also founded an initiative centered around grief, LaSandra Hutchinson will discuss the ways in which many are impacted by grief during this time of year. This is not only true for those who have lost loved ones, but for those who have been impacted by domestic violence. In addition, the pandemic has created a collective grief in our society.
Join us and be sure to invite someone as Alberta and LaSandra will shed light on these various kinds of grief and will offer practical approaches for handling the grief process. You don’t want to miss this episode!
Episode 29~ Aired 12/1/2020
Want to hear how to pursue a passion for domestic violence advocacy? Join us at 2 pm on Tuesday for a LIVE episode with an SSFS advisory board member, Verlon Johnson. We will be spilling the tea on how she has continually promoted domestic violence advocacy in her professional and personal life.
Episode 28~ Aired 11/24/2020

Rapid Rehousing is one of our newest programs and a pandemic hasn’t stopped it at all. Tune in Tuesday at 2pm for What’s the Tea with Abby, our very own Rapid Rehousing Case Manager. We will be spilling the tea about what this program involves as well as how she has been navigating home visits during the pandemic.

Episode 27~ Aired 11/17/2020
Join us on Tuesday at 2pm as we highlight how we have teamed up with another domestic violence organization, Apna Ghar, to expand DV services on Chicago’s Southside.
Together we have opened a satellite office in Chicago’s Ashburn neighborhood that provides outreach, legal advocacy, counseling, and case management to those who have been impacted by domestic violence. Join us as we learn more about the staff, their services, and ways to connect.
Don’t forget to grab your favorite tea and join us!
Episode 26~ Aired 11/10/2020

Want to hear how you can work as a team to break the cycle of violence and promote positive change? Join us Tuesday at 2 pm for a LIVE episode.

We will be interviewing members from our Partner Abuse Intervention Program (PAIP)! Special guests will be PAIP Manager Ruben and PAIP facilitator Linda. Brew your tea and bring the questions, you aren’t going to want to miss this!
Episode 25~ Aired 11/3/2020
Join us tomorrow at 2 pm to hear about one of SSFS’ protective factors, the BRO (Boys Respecting Others) program. Zach will interview former BRO facilitator, Mitch, about the group’s origin, building rapport with teens, and applying the lessons from BRO as a teacher. Don’t forget your tea!
Episode 24~ Aired 10/27/2020
Join us tomorrow at 2pm as we wrap up Domestic Violence Awareness Month with a LIVE interview featuring our very own Executive Director, Jennifer Gabrenya!
Jennifer will address current issues impacting domestic violence advocacy and share practical ideas on how communities can be a part of the solution to end domestic violence. Be sure to grab your favorite tea!
Episode 23~ Aired 10/20/2020
Tune in Tuesday at 2pm for an empowering episode of What’s the Tea. Hear from one of our very own Sanctuary alum. Learn about her journey, what inspired her to reach her goal, what obstacles she faced, and how she has continued her work as an advocate. Don’t forget to brew your tea!
Episode 22~ Aired 10/13/2020
Did you know that being a domestic violence advocate, has no minimum age requirement?
Tomorrow is ‘Tea Time’ with a very special guest. Tune in at 2pm as Angela and LaSandra catch up with Ashley.
Ashley is a student leader and domestic violence advocate who has done amazing things SSFS!
Episode 21~ Aired 10/06/2020
Are you interested in expanding your knowledge on domestic violence? Join us live on October 6th at 2pm as we kick off domestic violence awareness month! Our Community Education Team will have a discussion on the foundations of domestic violence. Drop any questions or comments that you may have, and we will be sure to discuss!
Episode 20~ Aired 9/29/2020
Join Brittany and Zach as they spill the tea on Keeping Dreams Alive, our annual Gala. Find out how you can take home one of the beautiful Benches for Change, get delicious recipes, and much more!
Tune in tomorrow, Tuesday Sept. 29th, at 1pm!
Episode 19~ Aired 9/22/2020
Prevention! Prevention! Hear all about it!
Interested in hearing how the Community Education Department plans to partner with schools and local agencies?
Tune in Tuesday September 22nd at 1pm! The Department will spill the tea on virtual options, curriculum updates & more!
Episode 18~ Aired 9/15/2020
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to initiate a new program during a pandemic? Join us live on Tuesday, September 15th at 1pm while our Housing Program Manager, Rebecca Thomas, and our Community Educator, Celeste Angulo, spill all the tea on our new Rapid Rehousing Program and some of the obstacles our participants face.
Episode 17~ Aired 9/8/2020
Same time, same place, different tea!
Join us on Tuesday, September 8th at 1pm for our weekly “What’s the Tea, SSFS” as Community Educator, Angela Davis gets the scoop from our current counseling intern, Kayla!
They are spilling it all!
Episode 16~ Aired 9/1/2020
Grab your favorite tea and join us for this week’s “What’s The Tea, SSFS?” episode on Tuesday, September 1st at 1:00pm CST!
This episode will feature South Suburban Family Shelter’s very own Associate Director, Carol Gsell. Carol plays an integral leadership role in our agency and she will share insight into her unique background, perspective and role. Carol is also spilling the tea on some of what makes our SSFS programs so impactful when it comes to providing a wide-variety of coordinated, trauma-informed domestic violence services. You don’t want to miss this!
Episode 15~ Aired 8/25/2020
Join us tomorrow 8/25 at 1 pm for a LIVE episode of What’s the Tea with our Executive Director Jennifer Gabrenya and Community Educator Zach Cappos. They will discuss unique challenges that children will face when returning to school during a pandemic and share tips on how to help children and families succeed. Bring your tea and questions!
Episode 14~ Aired 8/18/2020
Our Partner Abuse Intervention Program (PAIP) is one of our most in-depth programs we offer. Dive deep into this program with us today as Community Educator Celeste talks with PAIP Manager Ruben, all about the program, types of abuse we identify as domestic violence, and the impact of toxic masculinity in our society.
Nuestro Programa de Intervención de Abuso de Pareja (PAIP) es uno de los programas más detallados que ofrecemos. Sumérjase con nosotros en este programa hoy mientras la educadora comunitaria, Celeste, habla con el gerente de PAIP, Ruben, sobre el programa, los tipos de abuso que identificamos como violencia doméstica y el impacto de la masculinidad tóxica en nuestra sociedad.
Episode 13~ Aired 8/11/2020
Galas and benches and volunteers, oh my!
Pour your tea and sit back as we join Community Educator Angela, as she catches up with our Events & Volunteer Manager, Brittany. We’ll be discussing our upcoming Keeping Dreams Alive Gala, volunteering opportunities, and more!! Tune in live at 1pm on Tuesday, August 11th, 2020! Hope to see you there!
Episode 12~ Aired 8/4/2020
We will be sipping and spilling the tea with our Board President, Esther Jenkins, Board Vice President, Jeffery Smith as well as Board Member, Cherilyn Parker.  So grab your favorite tea and join us for our weekly episode tomorrow at 1pm on Facebook Live!
The members will share about their backgrounds and what led them to join our mission at SSFS, the role a board plays, and how they  support the agency.  You don’t want to miss it!
Episode 11~ Aired 7/28/2020
We know that education and schools are a hot topic right now!  Tune in on Tuesday at 1PM to learn about what our community education program offer our communities and schools! The Community Educators will be spilling the tea on the importance of prevention and how the department has adjusted their curriculum due to the pandemic.
Episode 10~ Aired 7/22/2020
Cheers to 40 Years! Join us Tuesday, July 21st, 1pm EST/CT as Celeste and the Development and Communications Director, Kristine, joins the tea party on our birthday! Learn more about the culture of our agency, the place we call our HOME, and what you can do to help us achieve our mission. We couldn’t do any of this without our friends of the community!
Episode 9~ Aired 7/14/2020
You are cordially invited to our Tea Party with the Executive Director, Jennifer, LIVE at 1pm on Tuesday 7/14. Community Educator, Angela will be “dishing with the ED, while spilling about our history”
Episode 8~ Aired 7/7/2020
LaSandra Hutchinson, our Community Outreach Specialist will be interviewing Kyisha McLemore who directs our Medical Advocacy Program! You don’t want to miss this!
Episode 7~ Aired 6/30/2020
“It is important to be responsible for your actions because each of your actions has a reaction. “
Would you like to know more about our PAIP program? Tune in on Tuesday, June 16 at 1:00 pm CT / EST while Celeste spills the tea with our own PAIP facilitator, Vidal. Here’s some tea, it will be in Spanish, how cool is that! Grab your drink and sit down as we get deep into actions and accountability.
“Es importante ser responsable de sus acciones porque cada una de sus acciones tiene una reacción “.
Gusta saber más sobre nuestro programa PAIP? Sintonice el martes 16 de junio a la 1:00 pm CT / EST mientras Celeste derrama el té con nuestro propio facilitador de PAIP, Vidal. ¡Será en español!Tome su bebida y tome asiento mientras platicamos sobre las acciones y la responsabilidad.
Episode 6~ Aired 6/23/2020
Tune in for a LIVE “What’s the Tea SSFS” with our Sanctuary counselor Latishia and Community Educator Zach Cappos. This segment will provide a discussion about the great work being done by our Sanctuary Program. Viewers are encouraged to comment and ask questions during the segment! See you there!
Episode 5~ Aired 6/16/2020
Counseling has always been a vital program at South Suburban Family Shelter. Join us on Tuesday, June 16th, as our Community Educator Angela spills the tea with Kelly, our Safe From the Start Projector Coordinator and Children’s Counselor. What flavor tea will you be drinking? We’ll be sipping on knowledge!
Episode 4~ Aired 6/9/2020
Tune in for the LIVE segment of “Whats The Tea, SSFS.” This segment will provide a discussion between Community Educator, Celeste Angelo and our very own Executive Director, Jennifer Gabrenya about how the agency has been affected by current events! Viewers are encouraged to comment and ask questions during the segment!
Episode 3~ Aired 6/2/2020
Are you interested in learning more about how you can help people build safer lives? No problem! On Tuesday, June 2nd, Zach is back and he’s spilling the tea with our AMAZING Development Assistant, Rachel. Tune in on Facebook at 1:00pm CST to hear from Rachel as she gets personal, gives insight about in-kind donations, and spills all the hot tea!
Episode 2~ Aired 5/26/2020
Our very own Community Educator, Zach Cappos will be speaking with LaSandra Hutchinson, our Community Resource Specialist, about Southside Connections. Southside Connections is a newer SSFS program serving the Chicago Ashburn area.
Episode 1~ Aired 5/19/2020
“What’s The Tea, SSFS?” is an informative and conversational series brought to you by the Community Education Program in collaboration with other SSFS programs.
Viewers will gain a better understanding of SSFS and get an inside look at our staff’s dedication to promoting safety and well-being for people impacted by domestic violence.